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Daniel Fraynd

Acquisitions Analyst

Daniel Fraynd is an Acquisitions Analyst for Advenir. As a part of the Acquisitions Team, he holds key responsibilities such as underwriting and analyzing investment properties, conducting regional market research, and assists in the acquisition of new properties. Additionally, Daniel builds and maintains relationships with a variety of brokers, lenders, and other team members throughout each transaction.

Prior to his work at Advenir, Daniel spent several years traveling and working in South America where he developed the skills required for analyzing, acquiring and developing multifamily, industrial, and mixed-use real estate properties. Daniel was born and raised in Miami and brings his international expertise to our team at Advenir.

Daniel has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Economics, Finance, and International Business from Towson University. During his time in college, Daniel became Student Body President and a member of RECN—a group that focuses on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Career Development, and Networking.


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